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Premium Dual Mode 48V / 60V 700W Controller with 3 Speed and Cruise Control

Part Number: p0014


USD $79.99 Now USD $69.99

Use it with our 700W 60V Brushless Mid Drive Ebike Conversion Kit to get the best result.


This dual mode controller is best to use with our 700W 60V Brushless Mid Drive Ebike Conversion Kit. However, it can be used with all our brushless convesion kits.

It is ok to put a 48V battery with a 60V motor, but it is NOT ok to put a 60V battery on a 48V motor.


If you have a 48V battery pack and am planning to upgrade into 60V in the future, this is the controller for you. Without any hardware change, other than the battery pack, you can turn your electric bike from a beast into a monster.

You can purchase this controller as an upgrade for the 700W 60V Brushless Mid Drive Ebike Conversion Kit.

Imagine if you have our 700W 60V Brushless Mid Drive Ebike Conversion Kit, you can choose to use it at 48V for lighter weight, and overdrive it by 20% with this controller. You can also further underdrive it by 30%the 48V to reduce power and to conserve energy.


  • Can use either 48V or 60V battery pack
  • 3 different speed level: underdrive, regular, overdrive
  • Cruise control
  • Low voltage protection
  • EABS for regenerative braking
  • Anti Theft
  • Work with brushless motor with or without Hall sensors
  • Work with brushless motor with 60 degree or 120 degree phase angle


Max Current
LVC for 48V
LVC for 60V


Controller Learning Instruction

  1. The learning is needed before the first time usage or if you are changing the voltage of battery from 48V to 60V or vice versa. The learning needed to be done only once if you are using the same battery voltage.
  2. The low voltage cutoff (LVC) for the 60V battery is 52V and this is also the cut off point for the learning process to determine if you are using the 48V system or 60V system. If you want to use a 48V system, measure the voltage of the battery you are using for the learning process and make sure it is below 52V. Anything above would be good for 60V system. Start the learning process only when you have a battery with the right voltage.
  3. Connect phase cables (red, green, yellow) from motor to controller. Connect white learning cables together. Turn the motor with hand to make sure it is not stuck anywhere.
  4. Connect power cables to battery. Connect motor enable to power source.
  5. The motor will start turning slowly after 1 second. If the motor is turning in the right direction, separate the learning cable. The learning is done. If the motor is turning in the opposite direction, separate the learning cable and reconnect it. It should now turn in a different direction. Separate the learning cable. The learning is done.

Cruise Control Instruction

Cruise control allow you to rest your hand if you are driving at consistent speed. There are 2 modes. Auto mode and manual mode. When the cruise control connector is connected, it is in auto mode, otherwise, it is in manual mode. Auto mode will put the ebike into cruise control mode when you are running at constant speed for 8 seconds. Manual mode allows you to enable the cruise control mode by pushing one button and disable it by pushing it again.


USD $79.99 Now USD $69.99

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