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Why Mid Drive Ebike?

Mid Drive Ebike only sell mid drive solutions for ebikes because mid drive solution allow you to pedal your bike like a regular bike even after modification.

  • You can keep the rear freewheel or cassette freehub. As a result, you can shift gears as usual.
  • A one way clutch is integrated into the sprocket together with the cranks. It only engages when you pedal and acts as a freewheel when using the motor. The result is no motor dragging when pedaling. Think about what to do when you run out of battery or something stop working!
  • Better centre of gravity.
  • No need to replace your beloved rear wheel.
Mid Drive Ebike proudly brings to you high quality mid drive ebike conversion kit at affordable price.

450W brushless mid drive

450W Brushless Mid Drive Ebike Conversion Kit

  • 450W motor provides sufficient power while still under the maximum legal limit in most country.
  • Brushless, minimal maintenance needed. No need to replace motor brushes.
  • Much quieter compare to the brushed motors
  • With the right skills and cassette, you can go up steep slopes
  • Compatible with most bike on the market, as long as your bike has a 68mm bottom bracket
  • You can pedal as well as using the motor at the same time to increase power
  • Clutched gear allows you to pedal the bike without dragging the motor
  • Maintained normal function of gears and derailleur. Unlike the hub motors, you can shift gears!

About Us

Using Motorized Ebike is a convenient way of commuting. However, most conversion kits on the market are either really expensive or are of low quality. We would like to help out like-minded enthusiasts who want to build their own DIY quality Ebikes without breaking their wallet.

I have built an ebike myself with the older version of this conversion kit. I found that it is really difficult to get a good quality conversion kit at an affordable price. When I saw the $3000+ price tag of the ego conversion kit, I almost gave up on my idea. However, after some hard deep digging, I found out there are some similar alternatives at drastically lower prices. It was difficult to build everything from the scratch. I encountered a lot of hardship when I build my ebike. Nonetheless, I know it worth all my effort when I saw the finished product. Here, I want to share my findings with like minded enthusiasts and hopefully everyone can enjoy the DIY process. You can see my ebike in the Instructions section.

I added many fancy optional features to my ebike, such as remote start. Don't forget to share your creation with us when you finished your ebike!

Feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

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"I have a really limited budget and MidDriveEbike provided me with the perfect soltion. I created an ebike with a conversion kit from them as well as my existing old batteries and bike. Thanks!" -- Mark

"This kit is fast!" -- Louis

"The installation is easier than I thought. It only took me an hour to assemble it." -- Lior

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