Mid Drive vs. Hub Motor Solution

Mid Drive Solution

  • You can use all regular bike parts

    You can use regular wheels, regular cassette with different gears, disc brake, derailleur, chain, etc

  • You can get a regular Shimano cassette with the largest and smallest gears to get the optimal speed and power needed

    Put on the low gear when going uphill to get the power, and put on the high gears to get the maximum speed

  • Optimal balance

    Motor is mounted low and centered on the frame, instead of to the front or rear in the hub motor.

  • Clutched motor freewheel

    You can pedal like a normal bike without dragging the motor.

  • Freewheeling crank

    You can pedal, using the motor or even both at the same time

Hub Motor Solution

A big no for all of the above. The only reason it still exist is because of its low price point. However, with the affordable mid drive solution we bring to you, there is no reason to even consider using hub motor solution.

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