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450W 48V Brushless Mid Drive Ebike Conversion Kit with Chain Reduction

Part Number: p0011


USD $565.00 Now USD $449.99

Please try our 700W 60V Brushless Mid Drive Ebike Conversion Kit with free Premium Dual Mode 48V / 60V 700W Controller with 3 Speed and Cruise Control upgrade

Temporarily discontinued.

Instruction: You can watch our Electric Bike Conversion Kit Installation Instruction here.


Suitable for most bicycles, including mountain bike (20-26 inch), road bike, foldable bike(16-20 inch), etc.. As long as your bike has a 68mm bottom bracket. (This is the common size.)

Battery and charger not included.


This conversion kit includes the following:

  • 1 x 450W 48V Mid Drive Brushless Motor with mudguard
  • 1 x 450W 48V Mid Drive Brushless Motor Controller
  • 1 x bottom bracket axle with bearing and cups
  • 1 x crank with arms
  • 1 x throttle control
  • 1 x chain connecting motor with crank


48V 450W brushless gearless with hall sensors
Reduction system
Chain driven
Average current
Maximum current
Throttle control
Hall sensor
Internal BB width


Motor Specifications

2.63 kg
Winding factor
Revs per volt (Kv)
67 rpm/V
Torque constant (Kt)
0.143 Nm/A
Motor constant (Km)
0.53 Nm/square root of W
73 milliohms from phase to phase
24 step per rev.
Slots / Poles
12 slots 8 poles


USD $565.00 Now USD $449.99

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