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Shipping Policy

As we are launching this electric bike conversion kit mainly for the purpose of providing like minded enthusiasts an affordable DIY solution, we run out of stock from time to time. This allows us to keep the price low and benefit more customers.

We are located in Toronto. If the item is in stock, it usually will be shipped in 1 business day. The shipping time will usually be a few days if you are in Canada and within a week if you are in United States. However, if the item is out of stock, you can expect a 4-6 weeks wait time after you place the order. We charge only $30 for shipping, which you will find cheaper than most LOCAL vendors, because we are NOT charging you the full shipping cost.

If you want express shipping, you will have to pay for the difference in cost. (I personally think that it costs too much, but if you have a deadline, I guess you have no choice.)

We ship all items to the customer's paypal address. Please provide your phone number when you place the order. Just put it in the paypal instruction box.

If you prefer to pickup your order, we will not charge you for shipping.

Contact us for more details. 


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